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Category: retail, e-commerce, omnichannel

Founded: 1993

Summary: MaBelle uses Delight to conduct customer surveys in voice — similar to how they use Google Forms and SurveMonkey for online surveys.

Tell us about your business.

MaBelle is one of the world’s largest and most reputable jewelry retailers. With 100+ physical stores and a 15-year-old e-commerce business, we are a leader in affordable luxury jewelry.

Category: Education

Year founded: 2013

Summary: Outwhiz uses Delight API to build voice-control for their iOS and Android app. Users can launch, search and navigate the Outwhiz app using Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and Bixby.

Introduce your app and tell us your story.

We are an education app that helps students practice Math and English. What makes us different from everybody else in the category is as our students complete their learning missions, they can unlock real rewards like Amazon and iTunes gift cards.

Imagine how much you would love Math as a kid when every time you practice Math, you could earn points towards getting your…

“Our mission is to digitize the food supply chain and help consumers answer the question of where their food comes from. Delight makes it easier for anyone to ask us that question via voice interfaces.”

— Mandy Chan and Leo Cheung, Co-Founders of IGSO

IGSO on Google Assistant demo


International Growers Standards Organization (“IGSO”) is an accreditation organization for farmers, focused on sustainable agriculture and empowering consumers to learn where their food comes from.

The organization is founded by Leo Cheung and Mandy Chan, second-generation leaders of a family business with over 40 years of success in fruits distribution.



海生行Google 語音助理


海生行是亞洲參茸海味批發的老字號,家族經營逾45載,這企業最近由第三代 — 蘇啟國(Kenneth ) — 接棒。從美國回流的Kenneth,一上陣就把貨品包裝升級至酒店級水準,同時開設網店,把這老字號從傳統線下,分銷到全世界。

海生行「過大禮」禮籃 婚宴專家之選


Kenneth覷準商機,除了在Shopify開設網上海味乾貨專門店,他更與Delight Labs 合作,把網店帶到語音助理及通訊程式上,讓顧客足不出戶、連瀏覽器也不用打開的情況下,即可選購參茸海味及急凍海產,輕鬆在家體驗環球美食。


《温暖人間》是香港唯一的佛教生活雜誌,致力傳播佛法智慧,讀者遍佈世界不同華語地區。《温》最近與Delight Labs合作,推出全港首個語音學佛助理,廣東話與英語同步推出。





《温暖人間》乃亞洲其中一個帶領學佛浪潮的非牟利佛教雜誌,也是香港流通最廣的佛教周刊。《温》由馬慧儀(Wendy)、吳兆熛(Patrick) 創辦,馬、吳透過分享學佛者的故事、法師們的佛法智慧,致力以佛法淨化人心,祥和社會。


向科技借箭 當年輕人的明鏡台


「修行是修心,讓人以自身的能量去尋求內心的平靜和堅韌。為了令更多有緣人了解佛法智慧,我們一定要接觸年輕人,因此,借助科技也是必然的。」問及創辦人如何看待是次和Delight Labs的合作,Wendy作如是觀。

Hai Sang Hong on Google Assistant (demo in Cantonese)


Hai Sang Hong (HSH) is a leading luxury foods wholesaler in Asia. With 45 years of history, this family business is now led by Kenneth So, a third-generation family member.

Under Kenneth’s leadership, HSH saw an opportunity to build a direct-to-consumer business, given the increased frequency of home cooking in the new normal.

HSH launched a direct-to-consumer online store using Shopify, and created storefronts on all major messaging and voice platforms using Delight. The company is now well-positioned for omnichannel commerce and reaping the benefits of a successful digital transformation.

A history of taste-making


Product Video (also Cantonese version)


Buddhist Compassion is a leading Buddhist media non-profit.

Using Delight’s technology, Buddhist Compassion launched a virtual spiritual assistant on Google Assistant.

The spiritual assistant is able to push daily subscription content to believers around the world in multiple languages, empowering them to better tune in to Buddha’s teachings and mantras every day.

In the new normal, where the faithful is often resorted to practicing religion at home rather than at places of workshop, receiving religion-themed content daily at your home smart speaker or phone will continue as a trend.

Case Study

Buddhism is the 4th most popular…

“As a devout Catholic and Sunday school teacher, it has always been a goal of mine to help guide and teach interested children and friends about the catholic faith. With Delight Labs, I have been able to do just that with the creation of a voice app, an innovative platform that will be seen everywhere in the near future.”

– Zachary Berkenkotter, individual developer

With over 1.3 billion members, Catholicism is the biggest branch of Christianity in the world, and it only makes sense that it should keep up with the world’s emerging technologies and mainstream outlets for user education…

“In the new normal, we’re providing smart office spaces that are self-guided and interactive for guests who prefer social distancing. That’s why we built a virtual office assistant on Google Assistant with the help of Delight Labs.”

— Erica Ma, Co-Founder of CoCoon


CoCoon is a leading entrepreneurship community and office space in Hong Kong.

As a partner of Google for Startups, CoCoon has organized 600 startup events and engaged 28,000 participants. Its alumni entrepreneurs have raised over US$670M in funding.

In the new normal, CoCoon co-founder Erica Ma saw the need to reinvent the office space into a…

“What’s happening on Google Assistant and Alexa is fascinating. We wanted to create and curate the voice of our brand on these platforms. Delight is the perfect technology partner for all things voice.”

Ming Ong, Founder of Rocket Eyewear

Rocket Eyewear sees Lake Como

Rocket Eyewear began as a partnership of Ming and Shing, two Harvard-educated siblings based in Singapore.

Inspired by their mother who would lose her sunglasses in extraordinary places, from a church in Ethiopia to a chairlift in St. …

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